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Staff Training

Women are a huge market for the service industry.  There’s no doubt about it, women are a rising force in entrepreneurship.


The “Women entrepreneurship” seminar aims to emphasize the double role that women entrepreneurs play in economic and social development. 


women stand out and be successful in the tech field and businessAs the topic of “women entrepreneurship” is very broad, this seminar proposes acquiring a better knowledge of innovative practices that have a significant economic and social impact in supporting women entrepreneurship.



Three main themes are therefore proposed:

  1. Innovative policies at municipal and regional level supporting women entrepreneurs
  2. Innovative financial programmes targeting women entrepreneurs
  3. Successful innovative women entrepreneurship initiatives


Cover topics

  • Women entrepreneurship
  • Female entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Business models and strategies
  • What we can learn from female entrepreneurs
  • Policies and practices for women entrepreneurship
  • Gender, identity and leadership


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