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Make sure your new staff has the skills you are looking for and knowledge to make a real contribution.




We know that in order for your business to be productive and profitable you need the people in your team to have the right skills and knowledge to make a real contribution. This is the reason we have developed pre-employment training programmes that prepare people for their jobs and gives them the skills you want or you expect from your staff.


We work in partnership with businesses, stakeholders and governments to design and deliver sustainable and impactful programmes. We design personal action plans which support people towards their career goals. These are tailored according to how far people are from the job market and your local priorities.





Many jobseekers can find it difficult to secure employment because obstacles like lack of confidence, poor interview technique or a lack of appropriate workplace communication skills get in the way. 

Our pre-employment training programs provide a supportive environment where individuals can learn, grow and develop their skills in preparation for potential employment in your organisation.


Cover topics

  • Introduction to your organisation’s culture
  • Requirements of the job
  • Interview techniques
  • Workplace communication - teamwork skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Employee and employer expectations
  • Work experience


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The programme is a structured two week training programme focusing on the knowledge, motivation, skills and confidence to get people ‘work-ready’ and into employment. At the end of the programme, candidates will be equipped with the skills that employers really need in their business. 

Cover topics

  • Focus on developing personal skills to gain employment
  • Insights on how to find a worthwhile career with a logistics employer
  • Organisation and administration skills working towards a Level 1 Qualification
  • Workplace awareness and skills development
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Practical work experience
  • A guaranteed interview with an employer


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