Municipal Services

On Line Studies, utilizing the many years of experience of its executives and human resources, has the ability to provide you with high level services for all the invitations that have been published and concern the following thematic entities (relevant link

  • AT01: Water supply infrastructure
  • AT02: Urban wastewater management
  • AT03: Improvement of existing water and wastewater infrastructure using RES
  • AT05: Rural road construction
  • AT06: Urban revitalization
  • AT07: Utilization of building stock
  • AT09: Project studies
  • AT11: Earthquake protection

and the following are expected:

  • AT04: Solid waste management
  • AT08: Smart cities
  • AT10: Maintenance of municipal open spaces

(b) For the published invitations, the deadline for submission of technical requests is 31.12.2020, and 31-3-2021

(c) Our company, following the latest Technological Developments, in the active market and knowing the needs of the Local Government, as well as the goals, axes and operating procedures of the “Antonis Tritsis” program, is able to support you, as
Your Technical Consultant. that is, an external TECHNICAL SERVICE and
in every level. That is:

  • information on the goals and activities of all invitations
  • preparation and submission of technical bulletins, regarding the feasibility, maturity of all projects, their evaluation criteria as well as the required (mature or to be matured) financial and technical studies
  • Detailed presentation of integrated solutions in e-Government, Digital Convergence and “smart city”.

(d) The services and solutions offered by our company do not stop at the submission of the dossier of proposals for approval, but continue with:

  • their technical support at the evaluation stage,
  • the administrative and financial management of the project, in accordance with the requirements of the invitations of “Antonis Tritsis”,
  • the provision of technical solutions mainly in matters of e-Government, Digital Convergence and “smart city”,
  • the recording of detailed technical specifications, for the selection, through tenders, of the most optimal solution and
  • the successful implementation of the projects.

We suggest you,

To be at the same time, the whole period of the project of “Antonis Tritsis”, if of course you choose us, and your Technical Consultants, ie a TECHNICAL SERVICE, at your disposal in all the projects of your MUNICIPALITY, as well as in projects concerning European and Structural programs, invitations and programs of the State as well as NSRF programs, and in terms of research, your information, the submission of technical proposals and their support from the initial to the stage of evaluation, but also IMPLEMENTATION

Once all the projects are evaluated and approved, we will undertake their Administrative and Financial management