Our Philosophy & Vision

Human Resources, Quality, Innovation, Collaborations with Leading Bodies and Organizations

The Consulting & Educational company ON LINE specializes in the design, development and implementation of modern educational programs. We support our development in Human Resources, Quality, Innovation and our collaborations with leading certification bodies, national and international educational organizations.

The given material-technical infrastructure of ON LINE in the field of education initially concerned the IT sector. And with this “specialty” he undertook since 1998 the implementation of training seminars in collaboration with the Local Authorities. or with other organizations.

The teacher, however, defining it as shaped by the goals of Ε.Κ.Τ. was the trigger for the expansion of the educational activities of ON LINE. The result was to create a wide range of issues and units, which cover as much as possible the training needs of the Local Authorities. or other organizations, both thematically and qualitatively.

The main factors of the dynamic course of our company, which today is considered the top in the integrated educational coverage to third parties, is that it acts as an educational consultant and supports its clients in all stages of an integrated program.

More specifically, the above factors are as follows

  • The organization and operation according to modern international standards
  • The use of the most modern collateral technology for the execution of works
  • The know-how of the executive potential
  • The ethos of our staff
  • Consistency to our customers, young or old
  • The high level of professional responsibility
  • The best way to work with the customer

Our infrastructure in these key areas is the main capital on which the continuous development and growth of the company is based.

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