Our Services

ON LINE is a software development and adult education company. He specializes in distance learning technology solutions, such as modern and asynchronous e-learning platforms, design and development of applications, websites and e-learning courses. Thus, we create ads that directly target your audience and make your products or services stand out. Call us to study the advertising needs of your business and to suggest you the appropriate solutions completely FREE. Our goal is a long-term cooperation with our customers, offering services comparable to the large multinationals advertising companies with the aim of achieving the best combination of price and quality by making prices affordable even for smaller companies.

Underwater Camera

Unique technologies and equipment for underwater welding that allow work to be performed at any time of the year, including under ice, under high pressure and other complex factors

Web Site Development

ON LINE is an internet software development company. Specializes in the design and development of applications, websites, eshop, mobile applications


The new competitive economy is increasingly based on its knowledge and diffusion. ON LINE covers all your educational needs, through modern and asynchronous tele-education in the personal space of any candidate