Web Site Development

Website design by OnLine includes

  • Website Design Study /
  • Website Planning / Development / Customization

Website Design

  • Design selection through many samples until you find exactly what suits you perfectly
  • Create Design with easy navigation even for the most inexperienced internet users.
  • Responsive Layout – customize the look on all devices (mobile phones, tablets, desktops).
  • Adapt the design to your corporate identity

Website Design / Programming / Development / Customization

  • Management System with the ability to import unlimited texts, pages, files (pdf, doc…)
  • Newsletter subscription – Social buttons (facebook, twitter, skype etc.)
  • Additional facilities google maps, photo gallery and contact form.
  • User registration system
  • Payment system
  • Website traffic statistics

Website Design – Web Design


Programming / Development Website customization 


Your website will be hosted on the existing infrastructure of your page as long as it meets the required specifications for its proper operation, or after consultation on a state-of-the-art server (server) with the cost.
The technical support of the correct operation is included with conditions that will be included in the contract

Price includes:
All the described services that correspond to the above costs.
Technical Support for 1 year

Description of website construction process

Step 1: Select Design

Step 2: Build a website

Step 3: Website configuration – Data entry

Step 4: Testing – Website Delivery

At OnLine we want you to know at all times the situation you are in the construction of your website!

  1. Design option

    In the first step of building the website, we send you several design samples so that you can choose what you like. The samples are normal ready web pages in terms of design structure in which we have randomly passed content so that you have the opportunity to see in advance what the web page will be like when it is 100% complete.

  2. Website construction

    The second step is the most impressive !! The design has just been selected and now the team of developers and designers of Moving Up undertakes to implement the website system as well as the adaptation of the design to your corporate identity

  3. Website configuration – Data Entry

    In the third step the construction of your website is completed. Now all that remains is to pass your information (photos, texts) so that our page gets its final form

  4. Testing – Website delivery

    And we get to the last step, where now all that remains is to make sure that everything works properly and that the material we went through has no problem / error. In case everything goes well, we deliver the codes of the website.

  • Website design: Design € 300.00
  • Design / Programming / Development / Website configuration: € 350.00
  • Total: € 650.00

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